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The USVI are connected by one major local phone company. There are no fees to make local calls within the USVI (island to island). Long distance is the same as state-to-state rates. You may want to check with your long distance provider.

Cellular Service

We advise you consult your existing wireless provider prior to traveling the production. AT&T Wireless and Sprint are the predominant cellular service providers with networks and offices in the USVI. In addition, there are two locally-based mobile phone brands: Innovative and Choice. Many other cellular companies may have roaming agreements with these companies.NOTE: Verizon, T-Mobile and other mobile services may roam here but are not as reliable as the aforementioned. Reasonably priced no-contract cell phones and service are available locally. ANOTHER NOTE: Given the geographic proximity to the BVI, certain areas on St. Thomas and St. John may cause you to in advertently roam internationally. It is safe to say that your cell phone will likely work fine as you step off the plane.

Two-way radios/Walkie Talkies

Island-wide two-way radios remain the most reliable means of communication, on and off set. There are location production services who can provide repeater-based radios with 100-mile plus range. These radios are licensed exclusively to the entertainment industry and are available for any size – even to keep production crews connected.

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