Currency and Banking?

filmusvi August 18, 2014 0 Comments

Goes without saying that US currency is the medium of exchange. However, local establishments and vendors may be reluctant to accept state-side checks as it takes a long time to clear through the banks. Most credit cards, “p-cards” and travelers checks are commonly accepted. Not all take American Express and Discover. You will find several reputable regional banks with ATMs and branches conveniently located through-out the Islands. ATM’s accept all universal debit cards, including those from major mainland and international banks. NOTE: It is best practice to arrange local bank accounts and/or money transfers through your production services provider. Escrow accounts are strongly suggested to allow smooth business transactions and may be required for large, lengthy productions. Banks with offices in the US Virgin Islands include First Bank, ScotiaBank, Banco Popular, Merchants Commercial Bank and Bank of St. Croix.

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