Mail, Express Courier and Freight?

filmusvi August 18, 2014 0 Comments

NOTE: Given our unique status within US Customs, shipping to and from the USVI may require Customs declaration and clearance. Your production service provider is best suited to handle such shipping. There are production services who specialize in this area of the business.

US Postal Service Mail

As a US territory we enjoy the convenience of the US Postal Service including Express and Priority Mail at the same rates as those on mainland. Outbound packages other than documents may require simple US Customs Declaration Forms.

Express Couriers

All overnight couriers provide service to and from the USVI. Fedex, UPS and DHL operate facilities here and are very reliable with the exception that delivery may take a day longer with varying times and days often associated with international delivery.

Air and Ocean Freight

Major airlines offer both counter-to-counter and air freight service. There are also film-friendly experienced independent and charter air cargo services with local representatives that provide expedient, reliable means of shipping.

Ocean freight companies operate direct routes out of Florida to the USVI. Tropical and Crowley Marine are the most reliable and frequent. You may also arrange shipping from points across the country to these carriers. NOTE: Avoid trans-shipping via San Juan.

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