US Customs?

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Equipment and accessories to be used for limited term production purposes may enter the US Virgin Islands free of excise tax, duty, bonds or carnets. Ask your location production coordinator or the Film Office for critical help in filing a Temporary Important (TI). A list itemizing equipment and country of manufacture must accompany the shipment. (Bring extra copies of this list.) The equipment must be registered with the US Customs prior to shipment (this indicates that the equipment is entering the Territory from an overseas destination rather than being purchased in the USVI). Unaccompanied shipments by air and sea freight must have a Shipper’s Export Declaration and the above documentation to clear Customs on both arrival and departure. Note: Non-compliance will subject all imported materials to a duty and excise tax.

US Customs for passengers not traveling with equipment: No customs clearance is required for passengers and baggage traveling to the USVI. However, in returning to the US mainland, you must pre-clear US Customs and Border Protection in St. Thomas or St. Croix airport.

Border Protection/Immigration Travel Identification: As a US Territory under a separate Customs zone, the USVI is subject to US immigration laws. Unlike the rest of the Caribbean (except Puerto Rico) no passport is required for US citizens, BUT it is always a good idea to carry one when traveling. You should have an accepted form of proof of citizenship such as such as a raised-seal birth certificate and government-issued photo ID. For more information contact the U.S Customs & Border Protection agency at

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