Why leave America to film in the Caribbean?

Advantages at a glance:

  • We’re the USA, yet exotic.
  • Only English-speaking islands in the West Indies under the American Flag.
  • Easy Incentives.
  • No Passport required for U.S. citizens.
  • U.S. currency and banking.
  • Experienced English-speaking crew with an exemplary work ethic on par with LA and NY.
  • We have doubled for many unimaginable or imaginable places.
  • Convenience, security and familiarity of home – we even have K-Mart and Home Depot.
  • Convenient access. Serviced by most major airlines.
  • Three main islands PLUS dozens of out islands (many uninhabited).
  • Comfortable weather.
  • Water temperature is more favorable year-round than the northern islands and Florida.
  • Film friendly government and private sector.
  • Customized offsets to your budget.
  • “Right to work” state.
  • Easy, reliable shipping by air, ocean and courier.
  • We have versatile, unsuspecting locations.
  • USVI is more than the usual beach shot.
  • Shoot a sunrise and a sunset in a single day.

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