Support Services

Hire a local expert.

We recommend that you strike a relationship with a local production service and/or a location management specialist to help you scout, coordinate logistics and production services, and help procure crew, equipment, support, Ingrid Ott under Casting etc.

Safety first in the “scurry” of production. To that end we strongly suggest you don’t drive yourself – we drive on the left on narrow winding busy roads. You’ll save money and time by hiring local assistance.

Having said this we at the Film Office are here to work with you and/or a local coordinator.

Our locations are far more diverse than you would expect. With an advance review of the script, a treatment or storyboard, and an idea of the look you would like to use during shooting, the Film Office along with a location scout can make suggestions of distinct locations you can find throughout St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas.

From scouts and best boys to wardrobe/stylists, the USVI boasts an experienced film industry with professional crews, services and equipment. Prior to booking crew, travel and planning shipments of equipment, ask the Film Office for an updated inventory of local grip and electric equipment and crew or visit the website of one our appropriate vendors listed below. Logistics management including shipping and ground transportation are key areas in which you should enlist local experts that know the idiosyncrasies of the Islands. Submit your estimated requirements and ask for a proposal. Most providers work on all three islands, but be sure of their knowledge accordingly. Please know that location scouts often work along side your own scout or location manager.

There are a number of local production companies that can familiarize crews with various locations throughout the islands.