The beauty shots you expect,
with the diversity of locations you don’t.


  • We have doubled for Afghanistan in Philips Healthcare commercials, Brazil in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn I, Florida in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Key West in Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story, Greece in A Woman Named Jackie, Mexico in the Shawshank Redemption, New York city in Weekend at Bernie’s II, upstate New York in The Four Seasons and so on….
  •  We have cattle ranches with working cowboys.
  • Shanty towns of Jamaica (music videos), barrios of Latin America
  • We have New Orleans motifs
  • Refinery and industrial backdrops, bustling cargo seaports, military assets, hangars
  • Long straight country roads through farms and estates
  • Winding scenic drives of New England shore and Pacific coast; narrow dramatic urban streets

Oh yes. We have the best “hero” palm trimmed powder-white beaches with crystal gradients shades of aquamarine that you expect. Plus a host of various alternative styles of beaches: Hawaii look, those with jungle, gold-sand, brown-sand, pebbles and breaking reefs.

The USVI is also known for verdant hill-side palatial homes with vistas and an array of stunning cliff-side villas overlooking towns, sea and beaches. Our European towns, cosmopolitan settings, colorful Caribbean architecture and urban looks have attracted many a filmmaker.

These assets, plus a film-friendly community and government that are ready and willing to assist your shoot, make executing your project in the USVI easier. And we are discovering new locations with every scout. Visit the gallery for a mere sampling of what we offer.